Escondido Landscape Project

Grangetto’s Escondido Water Conservation Garden


Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply has recently finished their landscape remodel at their Escondido location, 1105 W. Mission Ave in Escondido. “We are extremely pleased with how the landscape turned out and we want to show our community and customers how easy it is to save water” says Kevin Grangetto, owner of Grangetto’s. “I had worked with Tom Jesch of Daylily Hill Nursery on the concept¬†of having a “water-wise” landscape plant layout that would have color year-round and convey what can be done in your own backyard. Tom created the visual effect I was looking for, suggested the color scheme we used to paint the exterior of our building, and the results speak for themselves”. Tom Jesch, Owner of Daylily Hill Nursery ( and a 30 year veteran in horticulture took on the landscape design challenge and explains, ” I wanted Kevin and their customers to see that drought-tolerant doesn’t necessarily mean only using California Natives, succulents, or cactus. There are many options in landscape design in dealing with the impending water restrictions that we are faced with in Southern California”.¬†Installation of the new landscape design was achieved by Final Touch Landscape

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