Serving North County Growers, Nurseries, Gardeners & Landscapers for over 60 years!

Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply is your garden, grove & irrigation headquarters! Our Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff are available to help you find the right products for your landscape and garden projects. Over 60 years experience in the garden & agriculture industry! Pest Control Advisors on staff. Grangetto’s is the perfect place to get all your landscape, nursery, grove and garden products. Let us help you take your next project from start to finish! Four locations to serve you; Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook and Valley Center.

“Our mission is quite simple and that is to be a resource for growers, landscapers and homeowners and provide quality advice and products to solve their growing challenges. If you haven’t visited us before stop by and experience all that Grangetto’s has to offer.” – Kevin Grangetto

History of Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply

grangettos-1950sFor more than 60 years Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply has been supplying San Diego’s North County Gardeners and Growers with the products they need. Surviving in a changing environment hasn’t always been easy and the only constant in Grangetto’s business has been the need for change.

Edward Grangetto, Sr. started the business simply enough in 1952 by supplying crop oils and fertilizers to the agricultural community. In the early 1970’s local agriculture was changing and avocados became the boom crop of the area. In response to the change, the business expanded to include other products, such as chemicals and farm hardware. But, with urban encroachment during the 1980’s, Grangettos expanded the number of stores and their product line to include irrigation products and materials needed by golf courses, municipalities and professional landscape maintenance companies.



Ed Grangetto, Sr. ran the business until 1975, when his son, Eddie Grangetto, Jr. joined him in managing the business. Eddie and his father ran the business together until Ed Senior’s retirement in 1982. Several years later in 1985, Eddie’s brother Kevin joined him in the business. The Grangetto brothers have brought a unique quality to the business in that they were both raised on the family avocado ranch and bring real-world production experience to their customers. Eddie focuses his efforts on developing custom fertilizer programs for avocados and citrus growers in the county, while Kevin enjoys working with nursery and landscape customers. Kevin and Eddie are licensed PCA’s (Pest Control Advisor) and CCA’s (Certified Crop Advisor). Being involved in these professional organizations allows them to stay in touch with the latest technology available for their growers.


According to Kevin Grangetto, “We want to continue to look at our markets and make the necessary changes to satisfy our customers.”

2012 – featured Escondido Magazine

kevin-fatherAs much as Grangetto’s supports the local farm community, and connecting people with it, they also want people to know they’re not just farmers. Kevin says, “While it’s ture a large focus of our business is on serving growers and commercial landscapers, 25 percent of our business is geared toward retail homeowner. And our goal for the future is to continue growing this arm of our business. We want to appeal to a wide cross section of people – from the 20-year-old with a condo, to the 70-year-old who’s been gardening his or her entire life. We want to give people something to call their own.”

The desire to help educate and inspire people at all levels is why Grangetto’s started the Grangetto’s Garden Club. We send a monthy newsletter to anyone who wishes to recieve gardening information and how-to’s taylored to the Southern California growing region.

A commitment to providing personal service and the very best products to growers at any level is evident at Grangetto’s, and ever more important in a time where big box stores are on the rise.

Says Kevin, “What makes us unique is that growers at any level can come and get knowledgeable advice from people who are actual farmers. Whether your a hobbyist gardener or a full time farmer, have two fruit trees or 2,000 acres, we specialize in helping people bring to fruition whatever it is they’re trying to grow. Building long-standing relationships is important to us, and we’re committed to offering personal solutions.”