October 2010

Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club - Garden Work Party

On Oct. 2nd The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club hosted a Garden Work Party where about 30 member volunteers worked together to construct a new Water Smart Teaching Garden. The “Work Party” was a “Hands On” workshop to help members understand the concept of sustainable gardening through the use of state of art irrigation systems, water saving procedures, soil science and amendments and installation techniques. Volunteers worked alongside professionals from the Precision Irrigation Team and installed plants from the low water Nifty Fifty recommended list. The list includes a selection of plants that thrive in the Southern California climate. And there is nothing like hands on to actually get the concepts. Read More

March 2011

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks now available

Grqangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply is happy to announce the addition of a new and exciting product line. Bushman Rainwater Harvesting Tanks and Accessories. These high quality water storage tanks are built for maximum strength, and their  innovative space- saving design and aesthetically pleasing colors are a perfect fit for any size yard or landscape. Stop by your local Grangetto’s to see these tanks, and many other great water saving products.