Soil Amendments & Mulch

Soil Amendments (Organic & Conventional)

Grangetto's Organic Compost

Grangetto's Kuver Up

Kellogg Gromulch

Kellogg Topper

Kellogg Amend

Kellogg Worm Castings

Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost

Gardner & Bloome Potting Soil

Gardner & Bloome Orchard Mix

Gardner & Bloome Planting Mix

Gypsum Soil Conditioner

Solution Grade Gypsum


Peat Moss

Cocoa Mulch

Potting Soils

Sunshine Potting Soil

Sunshine Planting Mix

John & Bob's Soil Optimizer

Sunshine Mix #1

Sunshine Mix #2 Basic

Sunshine Mix #3 Special Fine

Sunshine Mix #4 Aggregated Plus

Sunshine Mix #5 Plus


Worm Gro Worm Castings

Planting Mixes

Worm Castings

EZ Green


Hydrated Lime

Soil Polymers

Soil Sulfur

Cal-CM Plus (Calcium Sulfate)

Solution Grade


Standard Prilled

Limestone Standard Prilled

Limestone Mini-Prilled


Small Bark

Medium Bark

Pathway Bark

Walk-on Bark

Orchid Bark

Turf N Tee

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*Not all products are listed. Products may vary by location. Some products may be special order only. Please contact us to check availability*