Product Description
Bushman 60 Gallon Rain Barrel Tan
Every gardener knows that a successful growing season requires a lot of water. However, with droughts hitting numerous parts of the United States, meeting those water demands to ensure that a garden is productive and flowers are flourishing can be a costly operation. The Channell Rain Barrel provides an easy way to collect, store, and irrigate with the free water running off of your roof.
Product Details
- Extra large 60-gallon capacity
- Lid with locking feature for safety
- Sealed system keeps out mosquitoes, pests and sunlight
- Quick and easy to install and winterize
- All parts for installation and use are included
- Includes spigot and garden hose adapter
- Includes connection kit for down spout
- 3 year full replacement warranty included
- Hole saw included
- Dimensions 39” Tall x 28.5” Upper Diameter

3 Easy steps to install!
- Drill Hole in downspout with hole saw
- Install diverter into the downspout
- Connect hose to diverter and barrel

Color options
- Tan

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