Sod & Seed

Sod, Grass Seed, Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs

Sod Varieties

Am Sod

Performance Tall Fescue

Performance Dwarf Fescue

Performance St. Augustine

Aloha Seashore Paspalum

Tigreen Hybrid Bermuda

Marathon Sod

Genuine Marathon Sod

Marathon II

Marathon III


St. Augustine


Grass Seed Varieties

Stover Seeds

Princess Hybrid Bermuda

Grangetto’s Tall Fescue

Grangetto’s Dwarf Fescue

Bonsai 2000


Horse/Pasture Mix

Cal Native Grass Seed

Perennial Rye


Creeping Red Fescue



Marathon Seed

Marathon I

Marathon II

Flower Seed Varieties

Stover Wildflower Mixes

Stover California Series

Single Species

Custom Blend

Lilly Miller Seeds

Do-Rights Pony Packs (seasonal)

Vegetable & Herb Seed Varieties

Stover Vegetable

Stover Herbs

Lilly Miller Vegetable

Lilly Miller Herbs

Do-Rights Pony Packs (seasonal)



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