Water Conservation

We are your Water Conservation Headquarters

here to help you save water in your landscape while saving money, time and still having the yard you’ve always wanted. Our Knowledgeable staff are up-to-date on the newest water saving irrigation technology available. We carry a full line from Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird, Weathermatic, Netafim, Dig, & Spot Systems from conventional to drip irrigation systems. Let us help you install or retrofit your irrigation system by helping you plan what products will work best for your landscape, save you water and money!

Smart Water Products

Smart Controllers


  • Hunter Solar Sync
  • The Hunter Solar Sync will easily retrofit your Hunter Pro-C or ICC Controller into a Smart Water Controller.
  • -Weather-based program adjustments
  • -Simple installation and operation
  • -Compact sensor included (rain, solar, temperature)


  • Irritrol Smart Dial Module
  • This Smart Dial Module form Irritrol retrofits to existing Rain-Dial series controllers. Station sizes – 6, 9, 12 and 24.
  • -Quick and easy plug and play installation
  • -Uses WeatherTrak scheduling engine
  • -Adjusts each zone daily based on weather


  • Weathermatic SmartLine
  • The Weathermatic SmartLine has capabilities from 4 to 48 stations and is modular expandable.
  • -Uses dedicated Smartline Weather Station at each controller
  • -“Real-time” ET adjustments


  • Rain Bird ET Manager
  • The Rain Bird ET Manager allows for application of water to your landscape only when needed.
  • -Makes real-time adjustments with hourly weather updates
  • -Easy set-up and installation; works with virtually any controller


  • Rain Bird ESP-SMT Smart Control System
  • Combining the proven simplicity of the Extra Simple Programming (ESP) controller family with the accuracy of weather-based control, this innovative system is engineered to save valuable time, money and water.
  • -Measures rainfall data and knows exactly how much to adjust your water schedule

Rain Sensors


  • Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik & Hunter Mini-Clik
  • Rain Sensors are wired to your irrigation system and will override your Automatic Irrigation System when adequate rainfall has been received.
  • -Easy installation on any 24 RAC controller
  • -Adjustable to react from 1/8″ to 1″ of rainfall as well as wind & temperature

Rotating Nozzles


  • Hunter MP Rotator
  • A true Water Saver. This Rotating Nozzle’s low application rate reduces runoff
  • -Automatic matched precipitation
  • -Easy arc adjustment, radius adjustment from 8′ to 30′
  • -Easy retrofit to most popular manufactures popups


  • Hunter MPR40
  • Introducing the MPR40—Calibrated at a consistent 40 PSI, it is designed to provide optimal performance when combined with the MP Rotator.
  • -Pressure activated, multifunction wiper reduces flow-by
  • -Zero flush seal gives surefire operation at low pressures & enables more sprinkler heads on the same zone


  • Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles
  • Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution from 13 to 24 feet.
  • -More heads can be installed per zone
  • -Low precipitation rate reduces runoff & erosion
  • -Matched precipitation rate across radii and pattern simplify the design process


  • Rain Bird Pop-Up Spray Heads – 1800-SAM P45 Series
  • Provides 45 psi in-stem pressure regulation for maximizing efficiency or Rotary Nozzles.
  • -Includes Seal-A-Matic™ check valve preventing low head drainage of up to 14 feet of head

Drip and Low Volume Irrigation Solutions

Retrofit to efficient low volume irrigation systems for trees, shrubs and flowers to get water to the plants more efficiently.


  • Netafim Techline Dripperline
  • Both heavywall and thinwall, are ideal watering solutions for Nursery Containers. Higher plant quality is achieved through more uniform watering with dripperlines
  • -Pressure compensating, efficient, short flow path resists clogging
  • -Self-cleaning tubing adapts to any plant areas shape

Check Valves

check valve

  • Hunter HCV Check Valve
  • An economical water-saver that eliminates low head drainage for sprinklers located on slopes.
  • – Allows adjustment through sprinkler body, before or after installation
  • – Reduces need for additional fittings
  • -Meets schedule 80 specifications – durable under high pressure